Vineyard Services
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Committed to the Success of Your Vineyard

Establishing a vineyard to a high standard and specification is crucial to its long-term success. Planning and attention to detail are vitally important. We believe this is the key to a successful vineyard and award winning wines!

We plan each step specifically with your property (terroir) to create the right balance of timing and nature. We take into account the unique Okanagan soils and climate, while keeping in mind the effects of our work on the environment and nature.

We understand the complexities of grape growing and we work closely with the growers, incorporating their input to create the foundation for optimal growth. Our techniques give us the ability to assist the grape growers to produce a premium product that perfectly represents the vitality, beauty and wonder that is the Okanagan Valley.

Our experience, ability and hands-on attention to detail make Okanagan Underground Services Ltd an essential element in the success of your vineyard.

We strive to develop quality by starting with a great foundation!