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Okanagan Underground Services Ltd: Excavation & Landscape Solutions

Proudly serving Okanagan Valley vineyards and landowners, Okanagan Underground Services Ltd offers a range of services designed to maximize your land’s utility. With our experience, competitive rates, and reputation for quality work, we’ve become one of the Valley’s most sought after excavation and irrigation system contractors.

With the right team of hard-working individuals and all the tools to get it done, your project is in good hands with Okanagan Underground Services Ltd!

Custom Excavation, Irrigation & Landscapes
With the realization that no two properties are alike, nor is one property the same from season to season, we provide personalized landscaping, excavation, irrigation, water/sewer and septic installation services. We will work with you to find the right scheduling, calculations, and organizational structure to help you get the most out of your property.

Vineyard Services
For vineyard owners or those wishing to start a vineyard, we offer a host of services that help create a foundation of optimal growth and the best wines in the Okanagan Valley, including:

   • Land Prep & Clearing
   • Post Pounding and Wildlife Fencing
   • Irrigation Installation (Underground & Drip & Overhead)
   • Trellis System Installation
   • Complete VineScape

We invite you to learn more about what we do, please download our brochure or check out the Excavation & Land Prep section!

Environmental Responsibility
We take a proactive approach in minimizing our impact to the environment. While our business relies on altering the terrain, we believe this can be done without disrupting the local ecology. This takes careful consideration during each part of the process, from planning to completion.